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4.82 / 5,00
1560 Bewertungen

Solar Raptor HID UV spotlights

Solar UV Raptor ALU

The top product for the lighting of amphibians and reptiles on the market! With unbeatable radiation intensity even at a distance
25 - 50cm! Pure natural light with a color rendering of over 90% for a true color vision.
A very long useful life of the bulb (see technical data) and especially the targeted illumination of the cage space
provide an optimal and very efficient operation. Especially when compared to other lighting solutions such as UV fluorescent tubes. Also UV energy saving light bulbs take about 2-3 months after significantly after first
to Strahlungsintensitaet from and give up just yet. 20cm distance an effective UV radiation.
Please refer to the conventional glass panels are not UV transparent. For this reason, the lamp should always
be placed in the terrarium ensure you adequate UV-A and UV-B radiation. Reptiles, in contrast
see us humans ultraviolet light very well, the lack of UV light the terrarium inhabitants are exposed to the holder so often remains hidden. Ultraviolet light is needed not only for vitamin D3 synthesis and prevents the development of rickets, it helps many reptiles in the recognition of conspecifics and partners.
Solar Raptor HID High Intensity Discharge lamp with E27 thread, the aluminum housing reduces the temperature at the burner
at 200 ° C - through better heat management, the molecular change of the quartz glass is slowed, which guarantees a long-term UV stability.
Balanced, vital relationship between UV-A and UV-B for the permanent health of their reptiles. Prevents deficiency symptoms of bone growth before and increases the breeding success.
Essential for the illumination of the vivarium of many reptiles and amphibians.

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