complete rain sets

Our Rain-jets spray your terrarium with a drizzling rain.
Just right for an individual humidification.
Because of the different spray nozzles to decide whether it is drizzling fine or open the floodgates of the monsoon.

As a guide you can chose for a rainforest terrarium with the dimensions 50x50x50, twin jets with blue spray heads.

With our Fog-jets you atomize the spray into a fine mist like a perfume atomizer.
Just right for terrariums with plants or sensible, sensitive animals.
But even large display tanks can be customized with the appropriate number of nozzles befuddle effectively.
Orchid lovers moisturize very happy with these nozzles their showcases.

As a guide you can chose for a rainforest terrarium, expect the dimensions 60x50x50, two double jets.

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